Express Live Program - December 2019

The #1 Free Live Chess Program

Our Gift To The Global Chess Community

Chess University is launching a FREE Express Live Program. Quick info:

  • This program is available for two levels: 1) 400-899 (novice) and 2) 900-1300 (beg/int).
  • Live lessons start at 10:00 AM PDT on Dec 7th for novices, Dec 8th for the higher level.
  • Students can participate in two, 30-minute interactive live classes each month.
  • Students get a bonus video, worksheet, and chess tips emailed to them.
  • Registered students can freely access the program's recorded content until end of the month. At the end of the month, students will have the option to convert their access to the materials to a lifetime access by making a donation to the program. This program will be funded by Chess University, student donors, and sponsors. The program will be offered in "beta" in Oct, Nov, and Dec 2019.


You may use the link below to enroll in Chess University's Express Live Program. Be sure to invite your friends to join afterwards so they can learn too. Enrollment is presently limited to 5,000 students. Sign up here:

You may freely access all the course contents from October in the curriculum area below.

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