Day Camp - Sacrifice or Trade 2021

For Players 1500+2000 Elo ( Advanced and Very Advanced)

Sacrifice or Trade - Day Camp With FM Arne Jochens On June 13th

Camp Description

Chess players often find it difficult to evaluate the true value of their pieces and pawns. When is a trade worth it or when is a sacrifice justified? This camp focuses on games where a piece is "sacrificed" for several pawns and use these examples to discuss the nature of material, in particular how pawns can have varying values depending on the position. This camp is scheduled for June 13th. Check out the details below:

FM Arne Jochens

Target audience
Players rated 1500-2000 (Advanced and Very Advanced players)

Course includes
  • 2 hours of live interactive classes
  • Lifetime access to the video recordings
  • PGN files featuring the positions and variations discussed in the live lessons


  • Lesson #1: Sunday, June 13th from 10:30-11:30 AM Pacific Time (PDT) with FM Arne Jochens
  • Lesson #2: Sunday, June 13th from 12:00-1:00 PM Pacific Time (PDT) with FM Arne Jochens

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Arne Jochens (FM)
Arne Jochens (FM)

FM Arne Jochens, Ph.D is a highly experienced educator and chess coach as well as the Director of Content at Chess University, Inc. |

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